Top 5 Best Selling Philips Electric Shavers

Best selling philips electric shaversPhilips is known to create some of the most innovative and functional electric shavers in the world. Contrary to numerous other brands, Philips creates electric shavers for people with varying shaving requirements and budgets. This has resulted in quite a collection of Philips’ shavers in the market, thanks to their five unique electric shaver series.

As previously mentioned, Panasonic offers five different series of electric shavers and each of them has different features and specifications depending on who they are designed for.

Philips Shavers Features

Click & Style Series:

  • The Click & Style Series is a 3 in 1 shaving toolkit that is designed to be used for shaving, styling and body groom thanks to 3 different attachable heads.
  • You can use it as a dry shaver or use shaving cream for your own convenience.
  • Dual Rotary Razor makes it easier to shave without getting and cuts or nicks.
  • 5 length settings are included to adjust for the best trim.

PowerTouch Series:

  • The PowerTouch series includes classic dry shavers.
  • A GyroFlex 3D system is incorporated to provide three independently pivoting parts that follow the contours of your face.
  • The UltraTrack shaving heads feature slots for long hair, channels for longer hairs and holes for the shortest of stubbles.
  • AquaTec seal allows you to dry shave or wet shave with a cream or gel.
  • 1 hour of charging allows you to use the shaver for almost 20 days.

PowerTouch with Aquatec Series:

  • These Philips Norelco Shavers are similar to the ones in the PowerTouch series, but they have both pivoting and flexing heads, as compared to only flexing heads of the PowerTouch series.

SensoTouch 2D:

  • The SensoTouch 2D series are designed to offer an ultimate shaving experience and exhibit a beautiful design.
  • They feature both pivoting and flexing heads.
  • They can be used for both dry and wet shaving with gel and shaving foam.
  • The skin-friendly precision timer prevents any unnecessary skin contact while trimming. 

SensoTouch 3D:

  • The SensoTouch 3D is the most advanced series of Philips electric shavers.
  • This series includes both dry and wet shavers with Aquatec.
  • A GyroFlex 3D system is incorporated to provide three independently pivoting parts that follow the contours of your face.
  • The Super Lift & Cut Dual Blade System is designed to lift the hair in order to cut them from the base.

Review of Top 5 Philips Electric Shavers

1. Philips Norelco AT810 Powertouch with Aquatec Electric Razor

The Philips Norelco AT810 Powertouch features the Aquatec technology to let you shave wet or dry as you please. So if you’re accustomed to shaving with a shaving gel or foam, this would be ideal for you. However, if you wake up one morning and realize you’ve run out of shaving cream – there’s no need to worry as you can use this dry too!

The flexing heads adjust automatically to each and every contour of your face and the neck to provide an even, comfortable shave.

You will only need to replace the HQ8 heads ever 12 months!

2. Philips Norelco PT724 Philips Powertouch Electic Razor

The cutting heads of the Philips Norelco PT724 are rounded to provide up to 66% more comfort. The heads are designed in a way that allows them to flex and float so that your shaves are smooth and it also prevents any cuts or nicks.

The pop-up trimmer is ideal for trimming the moustache and sideburns. The PT724 comes in a black-blue-white theme that gives it a really elegant look. The lithium-ion battery allows the shaver to stay charged for up to 40 minutes of cordless, perfect shaving.

3. Philips Norelco 1250X SensoTouch 3D Electric Razor

You can now leave behind all your uncomfortable shaving experiences, thanks to the three dimensional contouring head of the Philips Norelco 1250X. The SensoTouch series is the Philips’ top series of electric shavers, and includes some of the most fascinating features ever to be found in an electric shaver.

For instance, the GyroFlex 3D technology ensures that the shaver follows the contours on your face and neck to give smooth shaving experience. Whereas the UltraTrack shaving heads with the Dual Precision System gives the smoothest shave imaginable.  Anti-Slip grip on the shaver makes sure that it doesn’t slip while you shave. Also, it can be used for dry and wet shaving using gel or foam for your convenience.

4. Philips Norelco BG2040 BodyGroom Pro

The Philips Norelco BG2040 is a unique electric shaver – it is not for shaving your beard or trimming your moustache. Rather, as its name implies, it’s designed for men who want a comfortable way of grooming below the neck. This means that the Philips Norelco BG2040 shaves and trims hair on the chest, abs, underarms, the back as well as the groin area.

It is completely waterproof and you can use it while you’re in the shower, or simply as dry. The 3D pivoting head ensures that the blades follow the contours of the body as accurately as possible in order to eliminate the chances of any skin irritation. The blades and combs have been made round to prevent any scratching of the skin.

A high-performance trimmer with 5 different length settings is features to help you adjust based on the length of your body hair; a great choice for men who want to a grooming solution which prevents cuts and nicks.

5. Philips Norelco YS524/41 Click & Style Shave Toolkit

This is the only model currently available in Philips Click & Style series. This tool kit surely gives you a bang for your buck – providing a 3 in 1 solution for shaving, styling and body groom. You can change the heads by a simple pressing of a button.

The Aquatec technology allows for a close shave regardless of whether you want to shave dry or wet with your favorite shaving gel or cream. If you want an affordable all-in-one grooming solution, this one’s for you.

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