Shaving Brushes

How to Choose the Best Shaving Brush?

If you are an adherent of traditional shaving, you won’t manage without a shaving brush. There is no other as sure and easy way to create a thick and foamy layer of lather as using a shaving brush.  Besides lubricating your skin for more smooth razor’s gliding over it, a thick coat of foam softens your bristle and lift it a little, which facilitate more close shaving. And, for sure, whipping up foam on your face is so pleasant and joyous process!

Shaving brushesShaving brushes can be made of synthetic fiber or of natural material such as hair of boar, badger, or, actually, any furry animal. The handles of brushes also present a variety of form and material. So it won’t be a problem for you to find a brush well suitable for your tastes and wallet. We just list some most notorious and respected manufacturers. They are:  Omega, RooneyProraso, Simpsons, Taylor of Old Bond Street and many others.

How to Use Shaving Brush?

Before every shave dip your brush into hot water for a minute. It will make the fiber more soft and pliable. The water, though, must not be too hot, as that can damage the fiber and cause its falling out. The more water the shaving brush can retain the higher quality the brush is. Some people soak their shaving brushes under the tap and then just squeeze some shaving cream on the brush and make the foam with it right on their faces. Well, that’s a choice. But we recommend you to use another mug for both preliminary soaking the brush and then for making a foam in it. You can buy it with the brush or additionally, or just use some crock for that purpose. Practice says the best option would be a hemispheric not very big bowl made of thick porcelain or suchlike material, not of metal. It is handy to make foam in, easy to wash and doesn’t cool too fast.

If you have a gift problem that concerns a wet-shaving man, than a best quality shaving brush, alone or with such an appliance as foam bowl, would be highly appreciated.

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