How to Apply Beard Oil Properly

So you’ve taken the plunge, and you’ve decided to start using beard oil. I’d love to take this opportunity to tell you what lies ahead. The wonderfully soft beard you’ll enjoy. The smoothness of your skin. The looks of envy from other men. The swoons of the ladies. But we’ll save that for later. Because before all that, as a beard oil newcomer (if you already know what does beard oil do), you probably have one burning question: How do I use it? So come along, as I run you through a quick primer on how to apply beard oil.

When to Apply Beard Oil?

Before you put your beard oil on, you’ll need to be prepared. We’re men of class, and we do things the right way around here. The wonderful thing about beard oil is that there isn’t much preparation involved. You’ll simply need to make sure that your skin is warm (which loosens the pores and promotes better absorption of the oil) and damp (though not dripping). In other words, right after your morning shower is perfect — or you can wash your face with warm water before applying the beard oil. Sometimes you’ll have to shape your beard with your beard trimmer. Either way, be sure to dry your beard with a towel before applying beard oil, as water can inhibit its absorption—and that’s no reason to waste perfectly good beard oil.

How Much Beard Oil Should I Use?

Another very convenient feature of beard oil — it’s very potent. Beard oils only require a few drops to be effective, so be careful not to pour out half your precious bottle in one usage. It’s also worth noting that, as with everything else related to beards, just how much your beard needs will vary from a gentleman to gentleman. But to make things simpler, the following is a rough guide as to how much beard oil to use on your own beard at various growth stages.

  • Aspiring Beardsman (little to no beard, 0-4 weeks): 1 drop
  • Serious Beardsman (short beard, 1-6 months): 2-3 drops
  • Advanced Beardsman (mid-length beard, 6-18 months): 3-6 drops
  • Heavy Duty Beardsman (long beard, 18+ months): 6+ drops

Ultimately, though, you are the beardsman, and you’ll learn with time and beard experience just what suits your beard. Note how it feels, and over time you’ll develop a beard oil sense that tells you how much you need. Do be aware, though, that your nose will get used to the scent of your oil throughout the day; so if it seems that it’s weak, consider when you applied it before you decide to up your usage.

How to Apply Beard Oil?

At last, to that long-anticipated stage: applying the precious oil to your beard.  Begin the application process by putting the required dosage into the palm of one hand. Take special care when tapping the oil out of the bottle not to exceed your required dosage, or make use of the dropper if your bottle has one.

Spread the oil over your hands and fingers; and then, with a classy smirk on your face as you regard your dashing face in the mirror, brush your palms along the sides of your beard, taking care to spread the oil throughout. Follow up by rubbing your hands thoughtfully upward from the bottom of your beard out past the chin; and then finish off by treating your mustache, if you have one, using your fingers to apply the oil.

Make sure you spread the oil throughout, and rub it on the skin as well, to ensure you don’t suffer from dryness, flaking or itching.

Once you’ve got oil throughout the beard and on the skin, you can take a comb and style the beard back into shape, which also helps further disperse the oil throughout. How clever of you.

How Often to Apply Beard Oil?

How often you repeat this process depends a lot on the climate in which you live. Generally, repeating this as part of your morning grooming ritual is recommended, and will ensure you maintain a classy look all day, every day. If you live in a particularly humid region, or your beard is quite short, you may be able to get away with oiling every two days or so. But on the contrary, cold or dry climates that tend to dry out your skin and beard may require reapplication throughout the day. Watch your beard’s properties and decide what’s best for you.

A Stylish Beard, Every Day

So there you have it — all the knowledge you need to go out there and impress the world with your style, class, and elegance. Simply use high-quality beard oil once a day or so, and you’ll never be without a beard that looks, feels and smells amazing.

My name is John Shaver. I am an avid men's style enthusiast. I decided to start this website to review all my favorite shaving products and share some shaving and beard growing tips. As a member / participant of American Hair Loss Association and Professional Beauty Association, I can say that my advice has a value. Hope you enjoy!

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