BeardScape Beard and Hair Trimmer Review

The BeardScape Beard and Hair Trimmer can cut thin and thick facial hair. Because there are many items in the BeardScape product line that complement this trimmer, the process of achieving a great look isn’t challenging. However, this review only focuses on the Beard and Hair Trimmer by BeardScape (which is one of our top rated trimmers).

Key Components

This trimmer has multiple components that enhance a trimming experience. Some of the standard features are included on the trimmer, and others are standalone components. In the packaging, you’ll find a

  • Ceramic blade: The ceramic blade on this trimmer is dense. During a trim, this blade doesn’t create friction as it glides against beard hairs, which means that every motion is comfortable. Because ceramic is four times denser than an average stainless steel blade, it holds its sharp edge well following multiple trims.
  • Li-ion: This trimmers runs on an Li-ion battery. It’s an extra large battery, so it can store energy for up to four hours. When this battery is almost drained, its quick-charging capability provides advantages. Typically, a Li-ion battery reaches its maximum charging capacity within about three hours.
  • Multiple guards: There are eight guards for this trimmer, and each piece is a different size. The largest guard is 1mm, and the biggest is 18mm.
  • Travel case: The travel case is only included with an upgraded BeardScape bundle. This case has enough space for the trimmer and all of the main accessories

There are also more accessories bundled with the trimmer, such as charging base, power cord, brush, and two combs. An instruction manual and a warranty card are included as well.

Great Ways to Use the Trimmer

You can use the BeardScape Beard and Hair Trimmer in a variety of ways. Besides everyday trims, this trimmer could also

  • Prevent bacteria growth: Each time you glide the blade against your skin, the risks of bacteria growth decrease. This happens because a daily trim is a smart way to keep your skin clean. Since the BeardScape has a dense ceramic blade, it effectively cuts the finest and thickest hairs that can clog pores.
  • Eliminate split ends: A BeardScape trimmer’s sharp blade can help you get rid of tough split ends. By managing split ends, your beard won’t appear shaggy and tacky. Balms and oils can’t effectively treat a beard’s split ends. The only way to remove them with precision is by cutting the strands with a trimmer that has a proper trim guard.
  • Remove wild hairs: Over time, as hair grows on your face, some strands will become spiky and wild. These strands are always tough to manage since they never stay down. Waxes and balms are short-term solutions for wild beard hairs. The best way to get rid of these hairs is by cutting off every spiky strand with a precision trimmer.
  • Maintain beard strands: A maintained beard has a uniformed look, and you can achieve it using a BeardScaper trimmer. Although a beard’s growth rate varies in different areas, the process of controlling, shaping, and maintaining strands to make every hair uniformed is easy while using a BeardScape trimmer since it has multiple guards.
  • Make strands fuller: A beard only becomes thicker and fuller after it’s trimmed often with a trimmer. To develop a rich beard, every strand needs a place to grow. By using a trimmer to eliminate all beard hairs on a daily basis, more strands will begin to grow over time, and this cycle is the starting point for a thick beard.
  • Enhanced the jaw line: If you use a BeardScape trimmer to sculpt your beard, you’ll have opportunities to accentuate your jaw line. Many people who don’t have a chiseled jaw use this trimming technique to give their beard hairs a crisp edge.
  • Make eating easier: When a large beard is shaped, the process of eating soups and other messy foods isn’t a hassle. A BeardScape trimmer can help you protect your beard during meals if you use its blade to taper off hairs that hang along the edges of your mouth. By eliminating these hairs, food particles will less likely land on your beard.

The Results

Many people enjoyed using the BeardScape trimmer. This product’s standout elements are its presentation, design, and construction.

The BeardScape is packaged inside of a stylish box that has a magnetic opening. It’s a very durable box, which is why it can be used as a storage container for other products. Most consumers appreciated the layout in the box because every individual item is lodged in a dedicated compartment.

A large audience also appreciated this trimmer’s tough construction. If the trimmer accidentally drops, the housing won’t break because it’s made out of a heavy-duty plastic.

Another feature that’s popular among BeardScape users is the LCD screen. This panel displays the speed setting and battery time.

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