Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion+ Beard Trimmer for Men, Model 9818 Review

The Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion+ Beard Trimmer is a top of the line groomer for men. It is made of brushed stainless steel, which makes it durable and lasts longer than other groomers. It can be bought as a kit that comes with many great things to make the grooming experience even better. It comes with several interchangeable heads in order to make it perfect for trimming multiple areas on a man’s face. The lithium-ion battery makes sure it lasts without needing to be charged as frequently, but it can easily be plugged in and charged.

There are four different heads that can be changed on these groomers in order to groom different parts of the human face. The first grooming head is a t-blade trimmer, which does the basic beard and mustache trimming. The second grooming head is a detail shaver, which is used to help shape the beard and mustache into the desired shape without taking off too much at one time. The third grooming head is an ear and nose trimmer, which is very small in size in order to allow it to be used in the small areas of the nose and ear. The last but definitely not least grooming head is the precision detailer, which is just like the detail shaver but even smaller for even more precise shaving. Each head comes equipped with self-sharping blades in order to allow for longer use and to be used on different types of hair. To go with the heads that can be put on the groomer, it comes with attachments in order to change the height of the hair cut when using the t-blade. These guides are in the heights of a one-eighth inch, a one-fourth inch, a three-eights inch, a one-half inch, a five-eighths inch, a three-fourths inch, a seven-eighths inch, and one inch.

This groomer comes with many great features that make it one of the best groomers for men to use. The first one is the battery that is built into the groomer. It is made to last long periods of time, such as a sixty-second charge lasting three minutes of use and an hour charge lasting four hours of use. This groomer comes with twelve attachment guards in order to help with the precision of the shave, each guard helping to achieve a different desired height of shave. The groomer comes with an electronic travel lock, which helps to prevent the groomer from accidentally being turned on when not desired. While charging, the groomer has a built-in LED status indicator to help the user known when it is done charging or when it needs to be charged. Some of the other great things that this groomer comes with are a comb, storage pouch, charger, cleaning brush, blade oil, and instructions for how to use the groomers. The cleaning brush and blade oil are included in order to help maintain the groomers in order to make them last for many more uses because hair can build up in the groomer and cause it to completely stop working. Under no cercumantances can this groomer be clean using water.

There are both positive and negative things that costumers have said about this groomer, so a person needs to really read through the reviews before making a decision if they are the right thing for them. A lot of the positive reviews have to do with the fact that the groomer is made to last longer and charge quickly. They also state that they are very easy to clean and maintain in order to keep them in the best working condition. Some of the most common negative remarks have to do with how the groomer is holding up the longer it is used. A lot of people have made the comment that their groomer stops working after several months of usage because it suddenly no longer wants to charge. One person took apart their groomer in order to see if they could find out why it was no longer wanting to charge, and they found that the internal wiring for the charger is set up where every time it is plugged in to charge they are being pushed and forced away from the battery. This means they are eventually breaking all contact, which will stop the groomers from further charges. Another thing that seems to happen after the groomer has been used to long is the blades are detaching from the part that allows them to be attached to the groomer. The only other concerning negative remark is that the groomer will not hold a charge. The users have to charge the groomers the day they plan to use it before they can use it because it will drain even when it is not in use.

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