Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 Beard Trimmer Review

The Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 is unlike any other trimmer on the market. Packed with 23 accessories, you’ll never have to worry about replacing the razor too early. The product includes an all-in-one trimmer with a large range of interchangeable pieces. The kit includes around 14 guards and five attachments. A few pieces included within the kit are as follows: a precision foil shaver, an extra-wide hair trimmer, two Stubble guards, a nose and ear trimmer, six extra wide hair guards, two beard guards, two bodyguards, a cleaning brush, and a precision detail trimmer. Reinforced with stainless steel, this razor is long-lasting and durable. The rubber detailing around the trimmer also allows for maximum comfort. The cutting guards are reinforced with an ultra-strong fiberglass that prevents wear and tear, producing an even trim. It’s no wonder that it is consistently rated as one of the best beard trimmers on the market.

The trimmer contains a full-metal motor and a drive train made from tempered steel. The product also contains a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, allowing it to run for up to five hours. If the battery dies, you are still able to use the product along with the power chord. The steel blades are non-corrosive and can cut through even the thickest hair. The nose and hair trimmer trims without nicks or cuts. The extra-wide trimmer allows for faster trimming. The DualCut technology keeps your blades sharp, and with two times more blades, they can last up to three years. Due to this technology, neither extra blades nor blade oil is needed to keep the product functional. The multi-length guards are convenient for a speedy shave. Each guard is individually marked, so you won’t have to worry about hunting around for the right piece.

The steel precision trimmer’s narrow design lets you get the accuracy you want, even the smallest of details. Straight lines have never been easier with the use of the steel trimmer. The rust-resistant blades and self-sharpening abilities guarantee durability. The beard guards make it easy to get an even trim, and the eyebrow trimmer lets you have a more concentrated shave. There are also a few fading guards included in the kit, making for easy detailing. The multi-grooming tool also comes with two bodyguard clip combs that will help reduce the amount of hair you want. The trimmer, thanks to its components, has a lot of versatility, allowing you to get the trim you want.

This premium designed trimmer is lightweight, and all it takes to clean is a quick rinse under the faucet. The detachable pieces are easy to change out with a few fluid motions and replacing it is as simple as a click right over the blade. As the newest model in an elite line of styling tools, you can rest assured that you are using the very best. The product has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 across the board, with most of the customer reviews being positive. Many have complimented it’s sleek design, while others rave about the easy-to-use attachments. The all-in-one feature seems to take people by storm, and the easy to clean feature is a plus. The trimmer offers a comfortable shave. The dual blades allow for a close shave without getting yourself cut. The foil shaver offers clean edges to clean up the trim.

The ability to last five hours on a one hour charge is very beneficial to most. Even if the battery runs out, the product can still run fine plugged in. Many found the attachments to be easy to install, and only a minor hindrance to switch out. Some found it helpful that the product can charge upright on their bathroom counters. The ability to rinse the product underwater to clean was a positive for most customers. The offer of a 2-year warranty and a 45-day money-back guarantee was able a huge appeal. The precision trimmer makes it easy to finish off the edges around beards and goatees. Many raved about the professional style of the trimmer and how easy it was to use. Due to the sharpness of the blades, you don’t have to go over areas more than once.

Some cons for the product involved the storage bag, with complaints ranging from the low quality to the size. The plastic cover to some felt cheap, but it didn’t take away from the aesthetics. The razor seems to leave a bit of a mess for some, scattering bits of hair around their bathrooms. The limited sizing of the guards was a red flag, with some complaining there was nothing available for the more sensitive areas. The fact the sizing stopped around 7mm is a negative as well. Another complaint is the on/off switch located on the thumb rest. Overall, the product has a positive reaction from customers with a few minor complaints. The product is of great quality and many have taken notice.

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