The Difference Between Foil & Rotary Electric Shaver Technologies

When it comes to choosing the right electric shaver, the choice generally boils down to two options: foil or rotary. These are the two major technologies that differentiate between the types of electric shavers. What is the difference between the two? Which one should you choose? Before a man can answer any of these questions, it is necessary to have a fair understanding of the difference between these technologies.

Read on to learn more about foil and rotary electric shavers differences.

What Is Rotary Electric Shaver?

Rotary shavers come installed with circular blades that spin. These blades are flexible and can retract into the housing as the shaver is moved across the contours of the face. Each of the blades on a rotary shaver rotates independently of other blades and this makes them ideal to be used on different contours of both the face and the neck.

Most of the rotary electric shavers are considerably quiet in their operation and they can be easily used to shave off a longer hair.

  • Can easily cut longer hair
  • Ideal for shaving difficult areas such as the chin and the neck
  • Quieter

  • Require more effort to clean properly
  • Do not give as close a shave as foil shavers
  • May cause skin irritation for some people

What Is Foil Electric Shaver?

Foil electric shavers have oscillating blades that are embedded into steel foils that are pierced. The pierced foils help by lifting up the hair for the blades, which then cut them from the base to give a smooth shave.

Depending on the model, foil electric shavers generally have around 3 to 4 blades. Understandably, the greater the number of blades, the faster and smoother the shave.

  • Generally, provide a smoother shave
  • Is known to cause lesser irritation than rotary type on some people
  • Easy to Clean

  • The foil is more delicate and can break if handled roughly
  • Difficult to cut longer hair

Comparison of Foil End Rotary Electric Shavers

It would be unfair to declare a winner from the two competitors. Both of the electric shavers possess different qualities that are suited to different people. However, when choosing an electric shaver to purchase, you need to examine the type of skin you have, and how prone you are to irritation (sensitivity of the skin). Also, the shape of your face is a factor that you should consider when buying a shaver.

If, for example, you have some pretty steep contours on your face and neck, then you may want to consider getting a rotary shaver as it is much suited for such kind of tasks. If you have sensitive skin, then you may want to try out a foil shaver to see how it works out for you.

In general, a trial and error technique may need to be adopted by you as this would be the only way to find out which shaver works best for you.

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