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A smooth shave would be impossible without a rich lather that serves three main functions: it lubricates, opens up the pores and desensitizes the skin. You can ...

Choosing the right shaving cream is not an easy task; each and every man will vouch for this. We all have stood in supermarket aisles for considerable amounts ...

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Choosing a good shaving brush is as important as a good safety or straight razor. There are several varieties of shaving brushes, and it is necessary that you ...

Gone are the days when most guys only had a safety razor and shaving foam as a part of their complete shaving kit. A perfect shave requires a few more ...

Wet shaving is not as difficult as it seems, but it can be a challenge for beginners. Once you have a clear understanding of how to proceed, you’ll be having ...

The debate goes on with people taking sides based on their experience of using safety razors or cartridge razors. We’ll have no debate here, but we’ll only ...

When it comes to shaving, electric shavers have provided a clean and quick shave too many men all over the world. Shaving falls into the daily routine of many ...

Before we plunge into the discussion of how to use a shaving cream, it is important that you understand the types of shaving creams that are available. Two ...

Do you know that most women love well-shaved men? And today we're going to talk about the straight razor. Let's go! Until the 1950s, the straight razor was ...

Shaving is a task that falls into the daily routine of almost all men. For those who prefer not to grow a beard, shaving would have been a part of the daily ...

A good volume of foam can be whipped up only with the help of a professionally made shaving brush. But producing of foam isn’t the only function of the brush. ...

Some men, especially dark-skinned, have a hair curling not only on their head but also on their neck and cheeks. Sometimes a hair curls that much it grows back ...

Speaking of wet shaving it is impossible not to mention the classical T-shape safety razors. Why? Because they revolutionized the shaving process and changed ...

All of us want only the best. But "the best" when it comes to electric shavers is a thing quite individual. The best electric shaver will be the best for you ...

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  1. Good choice William. Merkur is my favorite razor brand. This is the reason why I tried to make the research as deed as possible and come up with the best Merkur razors review 🙂

  2. Great choice, Jack.
    You’re right, Merkur Vision requires some extra cleaning, but this is the price you pay for nice modern look combined with a perfect quality of shaving.

  3. I’m using Remington 6530 today. I utilize to shave with a Wahl without a guard and got it done quick, but with this one, the shaver doesn’t extend out enough to do that because the vacuum is in the method, and shaving with the guard to preserve stubble, it doesn’t appear really even. Not even cutting on my cheeks, just near my jaw.
    What is the very best razor to preserve the brief beard/stubble appearance?

    • Good question, Bill,
      You can opt for Panasonic ER-GB370K from this review. This beard trimmer offers you with 19 settings, each of which is at 0.5 mm increment from one another. Therefore, from 1 to 10 millimeter, you can control the trim length to achieve an accurate and in-depth cutting experience.

  4. I see that this is an outdated article however I’m searching for a suggestion. My 19-year-old son is thinking about keeping a beard would likely keep it short. Looking at getting him a trimmer for Christmas and doing lots of research. What do you advise for him as a first device?

    • Dear Bruce, we update this review constantly, sometimes on a weekly basis. It is still totally pertinent. How thick is his beard? The Philips Norelco Series 5100 is very practical but if his beard is super thick I ‘d suggest you get him the Brio Beardscape trimmer.

  5. Hey! Thanks for a great review. I have a question about the Braun BT5070 beard trimmer. What is the diameter of the wheel that adjusts the lengths of blades?

  6. Thanks for the post.
    I concur, the Norelco 7200 is a great beard trimmer and is worthy to be the top of anybody’s list.
    When it comes to beard cutting, what tool do you recommend, in the pre, after or during the shower routine?

    • You are welcome William,
      Technically it is much better to trim your beard after taking a hot shower, but that doesn’t always indicate a shower is an absolute need to when it comes to trimming.
      If there is a need to soften your beard, a shower is the easiest method, however, if you can get the very same outcomes by simply utilizing a comb, that’s the way to go.
      I’m unsure how would it choose to trim throughout the shower because you probably require a mirror to be sure not to make any mistakes and follow the shape.

  7. I was thrilled about your choice of Philips Norelco 7215 Beard Trimmer, but the reviews on Amazon are not that excellent – about 3 stars. Is it truly “one of the very best beard trimmers of all time”?

    • Thanks for comment JZ,
      we didn’t say this trimmer is the best of all times. Our list of best trimmer of the year is based on our own review. Sometimes it’s different from Amazon’s rating. But Norelco 7215 is a really good choice.

  8. Merry Christmas!
    Just want to thank you for the review and for helping me to make a choice.
    I have actually used many trimmers of numerous brand names, but Philips trimmer you suggested is the best one.

  9. Excellent review. Thank you!
    I have had a beard for over 5 years now, of different length, however, have actually chosen quite a long beard. I was searching for a trimmer, thank can keep up to 2 to 3 inches in length, actually tough to trawl through different sites, and the longest I have discovered is 0.8 inch.
    Any recommendations and aid would be actually valued, please.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Michael,
      Here’s the deal: after the length of about 15mm hairs do not have adequate strength to stand on their own and even beard trimmers above that length will have trouble to trim your beard equally. You are pretty much forced to help yourself with a comb and potentially scissors. Don’t trouble looking for trimmers with longer settings, discover how to trim your beard using a trimmer, a comb, and scissors.

  10. I would like to be able to trim bear in a shower to avoid having to clean up the sink. What are your leading two for cutting in the shower? Philips 3700 (maker does not confirm you can use in the shower)?

    • Hi Scott,
      I’d recommend one of two models: Remington PG6250 or Panasonic ER-GB40-S. These are the most common models when it comes choosing the best beard trimmer for a shower

  11. Hi I completely enjoyed reading your long article. I just have a few concerns. I have sensitive acne prone skin and have battled with 5 blade razors, I have actually just recently changed to a top of the line electrical shaver and expecting better results.

    Another option I am taking a look at is buying a beard trimmer as I have heard this is a great alternative for acne prone skin. I just need to discover one that gives me the outright least mount of bristle (more effective > 1m) which also won’t aggravate my skin. Do you have any recommendations?


    • Happy to serve you, Mike,
      Yes, a beard trimmer can be a terrific alternative for those with acne/sensitive skin. If cutting closeness is your essential criteria then the Andis 4775 Trimmer would be an excellent choice. It is an expert level trimmer that can be zero-gapped (blades can be by hand changed) to cut even closer. It’s no very popular model, that’s why it’s absent in our top list.

  12. What is your opinion of the Bevel trimmer? It appears expensive however has actually won awards and such. My husband has a long rough beard and likes to preserve that but also likes to alter and do a stubble and preserve that. I don’t want a ton of attachments and desire the battery to last a very long time. It’s so difficult trying to select a beard trimmer for him.

    • The Bevel trimmer does look like an extremely top quality product– and it has some terrific design features. Nevertheless, from talking to our Barber contacts the performance is compared to cheaper models. For the around $200 cost, we would have anticipated somewhat more. There are some key differences in between the Bevel Trimmer and, let’s say, Brio Beardscape; and if you believe those features include enough value to your cutting experience that you can disregard the price differential, then go for it.

  13. Good list. I’m personally a fan of the Babyliss trimmer. I think every male ought to grow a beard at least once.

  14. I have actually attempted several beard trimmers throughout the years, and Braun BT5090 is clearly the best. Highly adjustable trim height. Edge trimmer works well on mustache. Cut hair goes mostly under the detachable head, so this must be removed each time to clean it, however this is really quickly achieved. I like the reality that it tells you when it will soon require a recharge but enables one to finish the current trim. Bring case a plus.

  15. What’s the best beard trimmer that’s adjustable without the hassle of changing guide combs? (I likewise desire an indication of when it’s time to recharge.)

    • Thanks for asking Charles.
      There’s a reason why you’ll never see a pro with “adjustable” guides. They flex leaving you with an unequal trim and they break sooner than later. Do yourself a favor and simply get utilized to the guides and do not succumb to gimmicks.
      As far as the battery indication goes, almost every half-decent design has them. It wouldn’t be something I ‘d even bother examining because it’s anticipated.

  16. I am when again “sporting” a beard. The big concern is how to keep it under control and presentable. I have another brand of cordless trimmer but it has actually never ever been satisfactory. So after reading the short article, I had a look at the other reviews that I could find. There is one little detail that is hidden however was implied in one evaluation, which is that this trimmer has a 110-220 volt charger. I invest a lot of time abroad so that sealed the deal for me!
    The plastic snap-on trimmer guards are simple to put on and take off. I got rid of the trimmer head and put it back on. There might be a few too numerous various sizes of trimmer guards, however better too many than not having the “best one”!

    • Juan, only time will tell how trusted and durable it is. It certainly feels and look like it will last for years.
      It is a guaranteed action up from my previous trimmers. Among the evaluations I check out complained that it wasn’t very good for cutting dog’s fur. Well, this old canine discovers it more than satisfactory for human requirements!

  17. Just browsing for a beard trimmer for my boyfriend for St.Valentine’s Day. I believe Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300 will be the finest option for him.

  18. I’m searching for a quiet model of beard trimmer.
    Something budget friendly and compact.
    Any suggestions?

    • It’s a challenge, Carl. The combination of quiet, inexpensive and compact is a difficult task when it comes to beard trimmers. You mention tranquility first … Brio makes a fantastic, high quality, peaceful trimmer, but you will pay a bit more and we are not sure if it is considered compact enough for you.
      At the other option, you have an extremely compact, professional unit called the Wahl Professional Peanut, that is available in either corded or cordless.

  19. I hate Wahl trimmer. Mine just quit working after 4 months. Method to much money for something you can’t get more than 4 months out of.
    The greatest issue with all cordless customer trimmers including the Wahl 9818 is that they do not have enough power to prevent pulling of coarse hairs. Even inexpensive corded trimmers and clippers never have this issue.

  20. Thanks, Victor! And congrats on making a great choice. Series 5 is a great balance of quality, functionality and price. Have a great shave )

  21. Thanks for your opinion Freida. I’m sure it will help many of our readers to make a final decision if they will grow a beard or not.

  22. So sorry to hear that, Timothy.
    Hope someone from Harry’s Razors will read your comment and will help you.

  23. Oh, Lenny, there is no (and cannot be) the universal beard trimmer. That’s why in our reviews evert model has its pros & cons. But come on, the average trimmer price is about $40.. For such a low price you can change them every few months, try different models and find that THE ONLY ONE trimmer 🙂

  24. Thanks Felix. Wahl trimmer review is planned in one of the upcoming updates.

  25. 40 minutes is a good battery life. Do you trim longer? You can find Panasonic ER-GB370K alternatives with longer-lasting battery (such as Brio trimmer), but then you may miss some cool Panasonic’s features. Choose wisely.

  26. I’m glad to be helpful, Darien!

  27. Indeed, Shawn, Braun seems to be the most trusted electric shavers brand, but it’s always a good idea to try something new. I think the best alternative to Braun shaves are Panasonic foil shavers. Give it a try and don’t forget to get back here and share your opinion. Thanks!

  28. Thank you for your opinion, Lauren. All bearded men here at Mister Shaver appreciate it.

  29. Thanks for question, Liam. My personal choice is Braun Series 7. But only you are responsible for your decisions and choices. As for other brands, I’d recommend Panasonic and Philips Norelco (you can try rotary shaver instead of foil).

  30. Thanks, Darron! Happy to be useful so which shaver model did you chose? How’s your shaving experience with it so far?

  31. Brad, it depends on your budget. If price is not a questions then Braun Series 9 shaver will definitely be the best choice. Otherwise go for Series 7.

  32. Nice choice, even though I’m not a big fan of Philips shavers, this model is good.

  33. Great advice. Appreciate the professional’s opinion here at Mister Shaver.

  34. We are testing some Babyliss models now, but no conclusion yet.
    Sadly when you are not buying direct you have problems and with many companies not willing to ship to the US the problem gets even worse.

  35. What trimmer are you using? I guess if it’s a cheaper set, the blades could start to wear out. You might be able to just get another set of blades or sharpen current blades?

    Also, I would recommend that you use some WD-40 on the blades, and spray a little on the moving parts….it will resurrect the trimmer.
    I haven’t paid for a haircut in over 17 years- as I cut my own hair with a trimmer.
    I have gone through a couple of electric clippers, but the pair that I have now has lasted me at least 5 years- in due part to regular shots of lubricant into the blades…
    Just make sure that you wipe off the excess WD-40, or you will end up spreading it through your beard or hair…which isn’t pleasant!!

  36. Good question. Most clipper head would be too big and bulky for that operation. Look for a trimmer with a smaller head adjustment. Remington trimmer from this list has the head for private areas.

  37. Hey Connor,
    Shaving is very personal and whether it is “worth it” to upgrade entirely depends on you. Unfortunately, this makes it very difficult for someone else to weigh in and give a recommendation just for you. That is why we at Mister Shaver write such detailed reviews so that you can make the choice as to whether or not this product is the one for you.

    As to whether you should upgrade your trimmer? It all depends on if you were happy with the trimming that your Braun gave you and if you are noticing that your old beard trimmer is not performing as well as it used to. There is no point in upgrading if you are still happy with your current clipper.

  38. You may give a try to Wahl trimmer.
    Luke from our team has one of their beard trimmers and one of their hair clippers. The charge life is amazing, as is the performance. All the rest are amateur. Barbers use Wahl.

    The Li-on battery is actually quite important. It holds a charge for a long long time, and won’t break the bank. It’s better than the Philips one I had before. We already testing some Wahl models and I feel that in upcoming 2019 update to this Best Beard Trimmer review One of Wahl models will sit on a top spot.

  39. Braun beard trimmers are good, but it still doesn’t do as good a job as a razor. I’d recommend to use trimmer only to trim my beard.

    Many people use a Gillette Mach 3 + sensitive shaving cream as well but it doesn’t irritate their face. It could just be technique. Be sure to hydrate your face before using just enough shaving cream (not excessive) afterwards. I also prefer to shave with a slow upwards motion starting from my neck.

    Have you thought about trying a straight razor? I use to have a shavette and it does a cleaner job then my Mach 3. Less painful to as it doesn’t snag on my beard. Just takes a while to get used to since I still occasionally cut myself.

  40. Braun 790cc is a great choice. Series 7 is my personal favorite. Series 9 is more “savvy” from tech point of view, but I’d recommend it only if extra hundred bucks is not a problem for you.

  41. Of course, you can’t have any razor in your hand luggage. The size matters because it saves the space in your main luggage.

  42. Thanks for nice words, Kypros,
    It’s not easy to suggest anything because a lot depends on your skin, your face hair hardness and other factors.
    If you already have several Merkur razors I’d suggest experimenting with blades. I’ve been trying
    different blades and now I’ve stopped at Merkur Platinum blades ( These work great for me but my not work for somebody else. You should try.

  43. Tom, please tell your Merkur razor model. I’ll try to help you.

  44. Thanks for your comment Anthony. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the information about manufacturing years for Adams razors. If this information if important to you perhaps you can ask this question at some forums like or

  45. Thanks for your nice words, Clint

  46. It is almost impossible to find great razor and brush in a shaving kit. It is much better to buy them separately. It’s a bit more expensive option but it worth it.

  47. Totally agree with you, Matt.

  48. Thanks for your comment, Mike. I’m glad it was useful to you. Regarding your question. The safety razor on that image is Gillette Slim Handle Adjustable 1-9 Razor. It’s not Merkur, I just like the image so I used it in the article. Thar razor was popular in 1960th. I was even seen in the movie Goldfinger, James Bond used it. Now it still can be found on eBay

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