11 Tips to Cope With an Facial Ingrown Hair Problem

Some men, especially dark-skinned, have a hair curling not only on their head but also on their neck and cheeks. Sometimes a hair curls that much it grows back into the skin.

Women have that problem too when they shave what is called a “bikini zone”.

Ingrown Hair Causes

Ingrown Hair Causes

If a hair was cut too short (below the skin surface), it can curl inside the hair follicle and cause an inflammation. Being cut, the hair is sharpened and can easily grow into the skin, making impossible the next shavings of this inflicted place. If stopping shaving at all isn’t an option for you, follow next tips to solve this issue:

  1. Shave along the hair growth. Usually, hair grows up to down on cheeks and from the chin to the middle of the neck. On the chin, it grows straight from the skin, and below Adam’s apple it grows up.
  2. Don’t use the razor at least for a day or two. If the infection has got into the cuts on your skin, the shaving will cause more harm then good. The skin will cure itself if you leave your hair in peace. Meanwhile, don’t forget to wash it with antiseptic soap.
  3. If you can’t avoid shaving, then shave as usual, but just press the razor against your skin as easy as possible. Especially this recommendation will be of use for young men only starting shaving.
  4. Removin ingrown hair

    Removing an Ingrown Hair

    Remove the ingrown hairs. Before shave apply a hot compress to the patch of the skin where the ingrown hair is. After the skin softens, take a sterilized pin or pincers and take the ingrown hair out. Then treat the place with the antiseptic solution. Don’t pick it and attempt to pull the ingrown hair with your fingers.

  5. Always carefully get ready for shaving. To traumatize your skin and hair as little as possible, they must be well prepared for shaving. Make your skin moist and soft. Use for that end warm faucet water, wet towels, or the shower. Never apply shaving foam or soap to dry skin.
  6. Some men shouldn’t use electric shavers. Sometimes after using electric shavers hairs start growing in all directions – up and down, right and left. So if you want to shave along the hair’s growth such shavers won’t suit you.
  7. Form your mustache. The mustache is pliable enough, so it is quite possible to force it to grow the shape you chose. Though it will cost you much time shaving your mustache always in the same direction and not too near the skin, after several weeks – lo and behold! – your whiskers grow visibly straighter. At least they stop curling in all and every direction.
  8. Change the blade. If you use a multi-blade cartridge razor, it is possible you shave too close. Try one-blade cartridge razor or just a good classic safety razor that allows you to regulate the angle and clearance between the blade’s edge and your skin.
  9. Use only sharp blades. A dull blade would only aggravate your problem, so maybe you’d better change the blade before every shaving.
  10. Change your shirt collar. Don’t wear an upright stiff kind of it. The neck area is the most vulnerable to ingrown hairs and shaving cuts inflammation. A tight starched collar can chafe your neck into a real trouble.
  11. Don’t forget about prophylactic measures.  Make it a habit washing your face for two or three minutes carefully with warm water. Use some softening pre-shave cosmetics.

Did you ever experience ingrown hair problems? What are your tips to get rid of this problem?

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