What Women Really Think of Your Beard

Beards are quite fascinating. Often people don’t realize the different types of meanings beards represent. The meanings of beards vary in different cultures, religions, countries and even in generations. Some men are required to have a beard in many cultures; some cultures are required to be clean-shaven. Depending on the era of time, if you were seen with a beard it was because you were homeless and you couldn’t afford to keep your face clear.

Bearded guysToday, it seems that facial hair and beard have become more prominent. And I am not talking about the Tom Selleck mustache; I am talking about the full-blown beard. Let’s discuss what women think of when they see that beard of yours.

How About Your Beard?

So, you are a guy with a beard. You are thinking that this beard is what makes you incredibly manly and all the women swoon over your masculinity of the man beard. Real men grow beards right?

Well, today I am going to really break down whether or not women actually like your beard or if it’s all in your head.

It comes as no surprise that some women are attracted to beards. But, why are some women obsessed with the manly beard? Let’s first point out that there are different degrees of beards that we must identify.

On the shortest of the spectrum we have a little bit of stubble (not shaving for a day or two) and then all the way on the other end we have the cast of Duck Dynasty.

Women are attracted to men with beards because it makes them look older, more mature and manlier. Most women want a man who can be their MAN and that is one of the main reasons that women are so obsessed with facial hair.

But how much facial hair is too much?

Duck Dynasty

Women find men with these types of beards as the most masculine, aggressive as well as socially mature. Studies have shown that when women dating men with any type of facial hair, they rate the men with the most facial hair (about a month of facial hair growth) as the most compatible for a long-term relationship.

Okay, that’s great and all, but do women actually find men with these types of beards as the most attractive? No, they do not. The men with these beards are compatible and manly, but not more physically attractive.

Which Beards do Women Find Most Attractive?

The facial hair that women find most attractive is definitely, without hesitation, the men with light or medium stubble. In fact, the majority of women say that they are most likely to talk and flirt with a man with stubble, than a man who is clean-shaven or with a hefty beard. (Consider using a good beard trimmer or electric shaver for a perfect stubble.)

Studies have shown that women who are “looking for a good time” and are possibly looking for a one night stand are actually more likely to “hook-up” with a man with stubble or a light beard. They are suspected to be “the most fun” according to the women in the study. It has been found that the most attractive men are those with light stubble to medium facial hair. Let’s look at some examples of this type of beard.

Attractive beards

Now that we have looked at the most attractive beards and facial hair, we have to look at the facial hair that might not be as attractive. Some men think that their beards are a babe magnet, but they might not be as attractive as one may think.

Let’s Take a Look at the Most Unattractive Beards

These beards are those that are not cleaned (you can see food in them), they are not groomed (some hairs are poking out and are longer than others) and they are the ones that women could not picture kissing without the beard turning them off. On another note, women think men with these types of “grizzly beards” are a little unique (personality wise).

They are not considered to be cool, smooth or suave, which is something women find attractive in a man. However, according to studies, women find men with these types of beards as more loyal, even though they don’t deem them as attractive as other facial hair types.

So, men with these types of beards are actually more likely to find their forever companion (quicker) than those with light and medium stubble. Let’s take a look at some examples of this type of beard.

Unnatractive beards

These are the beards that are found to be most unattractive to women. But, fear not if you have a beard and want to continue rocking the beard. A woman can still find you attractive if you take care of your beard. Proper grooming and hygiene of your beard go a long way!

10 Celebrities that Look Completely Different With Beard

1. Zac Efron

Zac Efron

2. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling

3. Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd

4. Jared Leto

Jared Leto

5. Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx

6. George Clooney

George Clooney

7. Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio

8. Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell

9. Christian Bale

Christian Bale

10. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt


When all things are said and done, every woman is different. Some women may think that any type of facial hair is disgusting, while other women want your beard to be dragging on the ground. Not every woman has the same taste (thank goodness for that) and so even if you find yourself with the “unattractive” beard, maybe your special somebody thinks that beard is the sexiest thing of all time.

As for this article, I am basing my writing on the majority of women from specific studies, but there are ALWAYS outliers and a study doesn’t show the feelings of every single woman on the planet. If you love your beard, chances are whoever you end up with will love it too!

My name is John Shaver. I am an avid men's style enthusiast. I decided to start this website to review all my favorite shaving products and share some shaving and beard growing tips. As a member / participant of American Hair Loss Association and Professional Beauty Association, I can say that my advice has a value. Hope you enjoy!

  1. I’ve never tried to grow out my beard and have always just left a medium to light stubble. I guess I’ve just been accidentally doing it right this whole time. Glad to know it’s not making or breaking my chances.

  2. As a woman myself, I can definitely say that this entire article is completely correct for me. Men with beards are seen as mature but guys with stubble are more attractive.

  3. I hate beards on men. Especially older guys with gray beards – they look like my dad. It’s not sexy.
    Would a guy want to kiss a woman with a beard? I doubt it.
    Who’s under there anyway? I can understand that it’s a hassle to shave every day. So get an electric razor and shave every few days.
    Even Keanu Reeves looks better without a beard.

  4. I tried to leave a reply. Maybe I did something wrong, so I’ll try again.
    I realize that dragging a sharp
    razor across your face on a regular basis could not posssibly be fun. There is also the electric shaver option which seems less painful and a lot quicker.
    I am a fan of the clean shaven man. Looks better, feels better, more hygienic. Also, as the guys get older and their beards are gray, it makes them look much older. I am a woman and I do dye the grays out of my hair. I would never expect a man to dye his beard. It usually looks pretty ridiculous, especially if the hair on his head is gray. If you’re out there playing the field guys, the gray beard look will make your date feel she is with her dad or grandad. Go for the clean shave. Looks more youthful and put together. I know it’s trendy on young guys. Miniskirts are trendy on young girls, but I’m not in that demographic so I don’t wear them.

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